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Pro Kitchen Tips

Did you know Americans waste half a pound of food a day, and 50% of our groceries end up in the trash, spoiled and unused? In a professional kitchen, they can’t afford to waste a morsel of food, it’s their business! And frankly, at home we can’t afford it either, it’s pouring money into the trash!

I went to El Centro College’s Culinary Department (where I took culinary classes) and asked my favorite chef for some tips on how to save our groceries and use them before they go bad.  Chef Allison Cossio took me around their kitchen, the pantry and the walk-in refrigerator and gave me some practical and easy tips.  The tip that spoke the most to me was before you go shopping, shop your own kitchen.  Organize pantry items and refrigerated items by categories, like produce, poultry and canned items like tomatoes and sauces.  That way you can see what you have! Watch the video for more of Chef Allison’s tips, I love her energy and practical ideas.  I went home immediately and rearranged my fridge!