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New Uses for Household Items

Have you ever checked out at Target or another big box retailer and had do do a double take at the total? I’ve easily gotten suckered into buying the latest gadget or beauty product with big promises.  But you don’t have to look further than your kitchen pantry or bathroom vanity for easy solutions to household items.

Coffee grinds = cellulite exfoliator.  The number one ingredient to most cellulite creams is caffeine.  There’s plenty of caffeine left in your used coffee grinds, so don’t throw them out after you make a cup of Joe in the morning.  Place them in a bowl, along with some olive oil and mix it together.  Rub on the mixture in the shower where you have cellulite, then rinse off.  The grinds will exfoliate your skin and the olive oil will moisturize, leaving your skin baby soft and cellulite free! (make sure to drink plenty of water, caffeine is dehydrating!)

Nail polish = Button Secure.  Keep butons in place by brushing clear polish on the thread.  It will keep buttons in place and save money at the dry cleaner.

Vodka = greatness.  I met up with the founder of Tito’s Vodka, Tito Beveridge. We made cocktails, then talked how versatile the yummy spirit can be.  Use a little to keep razors from rusting.  Or mix it with water and place in a ziplock.  Freeze and you have a slushy the same consistency of a pack.  Place on your forehead after a long night of drinking for a little relief :)